Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Church of Angelina Jolie
Bill Weather
I was hesitant on recording this dream because I had been given so many dreams that I thought it would get lost in the shuffle of them and no one would pay attention to it, but I feel the conviction to record it because many Christians are identified by Yah in this dream. It is also amazing that I can remember the details of this dream weeks later, though delayed weeks in its recording.

I drempt of being in conversation with Angelina Jolie. I and her were discussing what was better, a room in the house upstairs or a room downstairs. In this dream, she was as the church and I was as a christian missionary. The house itself was also representative of the church of the west.

We went to the "upper room" and inspected the room. The blankets on the bed in the room were dirty, but I didn't mind. She took offense of it and preferred the lower room with the clean blankets. I then watched as she cuddled up in the bed with these blankets in the lower room and she had what seemed to be a husband or a man in the bed shaped of those blankets she was so cuddled up in, but he had no face. It was just the shape of another made of the blankets. She had a huge smile and contentment on her face as she cuddled up in those blankets with husband in the shape of those blankets, all the while I was observing with sadness, to compel her to take the upper room.


Angelina Jolie is representive of today's church of the West. She chooses the more comfortable and what appears to be clean blankets in the location of the lower room. She is not willing to get a little dirty with the Lord and inconvenienced to take the upper room of the house. The huge smile and contentment on her face is that of many Christians of the west, living in comfort and convenience instead of climbing the stairs to the upper room which can sometimes be trying.

She was also deceived by the blankets being dirty in the upper room, to think clean blankets in the lower room are better, but it is better to be in the soiled blankets of mission work in the upper room than to be in the clean blankets of lukewarm living in the lower room. Her contentment is that of most christians in the west who do not contend for a mission in life and have little to no vision for the greater giftings and callings in the Spirit.

The Lord chose to reveal this thru Angelina Joelie because of her appearance. As in other dreams, the hair and its color represent a spiritual condition. While Angelie Joelie's hair was long in the dream, representing a covering, it was dark, meaning spiritual darkness. She is submitted to Yah is some ways being under his covering, but she has a darkness to her covering that she has become contented with in the lower room of convenience and comfort.

The husband made of blankets in the dream is her own shaped God, formed of the blankets of convenience and contentment. Many Christians choose a "spiritual" life and self made faith that's without self denial and without carrying the cross. The wife (the church) chooses to have a faith made of the blankets of convenience and comfort. She is not willing to become inconvenienced and is too attached to the western life of comfort. She is thoroughly content in the lower room of comfort. She does not want the upper room of the mission of God's work in the earth.

Father Yah, thank you for identifying our need to be pressing on with you continually. I pray for the leaders and pastors who have made the flock to submit to programs instead of missions. I pray you would begin to convict them of using people for programs and building a "church" instead of being focused on the real work, out on the front lines where the people are, who need to be saved. May they once again, begin to ask from the pulpit, what are we here for? Bring a conviction that stuff and things and programs will pass away, but we have the potential to reach people, which lasts forever. Help your church once again realize, with a mission and a vision, discomforts are but a feather in the wind. Inconveniences are but a pile of leaves to walk thru. Help your people to awaken and to be prepared for the times to come and to bust out of the lower life of contentment and comforts that are passing away and press on to the higher calling in Christ. Amen!

In Christ, Weather